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K9 Dog Chew of Churpi

Dogs Today September issue


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Available in Pets At Home, Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Morrisons and good newsagents.

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K-nine News

Puppies for sale

The international crusade against puppy farming and the threat from European imports


Tyson Police dog   Betty with GoDogGo   Unfit Bulldog

Looks can kill
New calls to end BSL as police sniffer dog Tyson is killed


Inspecting gadgets
Betty puts amazing new technology through its paces


Fitter Bulldogs
Can the Dutch lead the way for healthier British Bulldogs?

K9 Project Cassie   Canine Banksy   Creative grooming

Emotional support
Introducing a very special K9 Project


The canine Banksy
The dog making his mark all over Italy


Creative grooming
Does it make your hair stand on end?

In-depth report: renal problems

Chinese Crested Jake

The desperate search for solutions to save Jake from kidney failure


Cocker puppy with spay cut   Morris with daisy chain   Raw or prepared food

Spays age
What is the earliest and optimum age to spay a bitch?


Picture special
More of the world’s best dog photographs


The Great Debate
Which food is best: raw or prepared?

Dogue puppy with ears held   Girl teaching Cavalier to sit   Patty the Pug

Hands-on training
Sarah Whitehead has the magic touch


Back to basics
Karen Wild’s step-by-step guide to the sit, down and stay


True case history
Meet Patty - the Pug with an appetite for Jimmy Choos!


Fido Facts:
Oodles of lesser-known Doodles!

Sheepadoodle profile
  • Breed questionnaire

  • Living with a Sproodle, Sheepadoodle, Jackapoo, Cavapoo and Poodlington

  • Justine Hankins on breed history

  • Dr David Sargan performs a health MOT


Are you a Sherlock Bones

Can you find the parcel hidden in our online directory!

Fings For Fido

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Every month we'll set a new question for you to answer and you can enter as many times as you like!

FingsforFido is a brilliant new idea. You buy a subscription and every month a different box of treats will arrive with toys and yummy things appropriate to the age and type of your dog. You'll also get some great training tips, too!And really fantastic is that 10% of all their profits will go to Veterans for Dogs! Find out more here:

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Daniela Cardillo lead walking course

Talluhlah Couture

Berriewood Pet Supplies Chart Timber Buildings

Ordance Survey: Turn a stroll into an adventure!


The Roof Box Company


Stables For Sale

Cat and Dog Lovers Singles

Kennel Store

Wagging Tails Franchise

Vintage Equestrian

Judy Rothchild for Luxury Leads and Collars

Cooper Dog: great cards for every occasion

The Pet Medicine Company

Dog People

Redmire Stables

Collars and Tags


All Pond Solutions



Winforton Court

Tailwaggers Club Trust

On Sale Now!
"No Bull" posters

So many people liked the illustration in our January issue that we've issued it as a separate poster, artwork by Kevin Brockbank.

The posters are A4 size and printed on heavy paper/card.

10 copies for £5 in P&P. Please put them up anywhere you think might get the message across! Click here to go to the shop